In the Netherlands about 15 companies have a license – a concession – for the exploration and production of natural gas from a designated area. These oil and gas companies conduct research for possible gas resources in the ground and under the North Sea, and take care of the drilling for the production of the natural gas. These companies are united in NOGEPA, the Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association.

NOGEPA represents the interest of these companies and wants to have an open and transparent contribution to the transition to a fully sustainable energy supply in 2050. This should be safe, reliable, affordable and accepted. Till this time natural gas shall (as the cleanest fossil fuel) ensure a reliable energy security.

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NOGEPA can provide expertise, but also make available its infrastructure for new energy models, such as offshore wind, tidal energy or CO2 storage.

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NOGEPA is the contact point for ministries, politicians and various social organizations – nationally and internationally.


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